428 Area Code, New Brunswick

428 area code is the telephone area code of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for the Canadian province of New Brunswick. This area code has started to be used on 29 April 2023.

Area Code428
Major CityMoncton
Service Date04/29/2023
Time ZoneEastern
Overlay Complex428/506
LocationNew Brunswick (NB)

Some of the cities served by area code 428 include Moncton, Saint John, Fredericton, Adamsville, Ashland, Baltimore, Barnaby, Bear Island, Black Rock, Cardigan, Derby Junction and more.

Places covered by phone area code 428

Area codePlaceProvince
428Acadie SidingNew Brunswick
428AcadievilleNew Brunswick
428Adams GulchNew Brunswick
428AdamsvilleNew Brunswick
428Albert MinesNew Brunswick
428Albrights CornerNew Brunswick
428AlcidaNew Brunswick
428AlderwoodNew Brunswick
428AldouaneNew Brunswick
428AllainvilleNew Brunswick
428AllardvilleNew Brunswick
428AllisonNew Brunswick
428AlmaNew Brunswick
428AmmonNew Brunswick
428AnaganceNew Brunswick
428Anderson RoadNew Brunswick
428Anderson SettlementNew Brunswick
428AndersonvilleNew Brunswick
428AnfieldNew Brunswick
428Anse-BleueNew Brunswick
428ApohaquiNew Brunswick
428Arbeau SettlementNew Brunswick
428ArmondNew Brunswick
428AroostookNew Brunswick
428Aroostook JunctionNew Brunswick
428ArthuretteNew Brunswick
428AshlandNew Brunswick
428AstleNew Brunswick
428AtholvilleNew Brunswick
428AulacNew Brunswick
428AvondaleNew Brunswick
428Back BayNew Brunswick
428Baie De BouctoucheNew Brunswick
428Baie De Petit-PokemoucheNew Brunswick
428Baie VerteNew Brunswick
428Baie-Sainte-AnneNew Brunswick
428BaillieNew Brunswick
428Bains CornerNew Brunswick
428BairdsvilleNew Brunswick
428Baker BrookNew Brunswick
428Balla PhilipNew Brunswick
428BalmoralNew Brunswick
428Balmoral EstNew Brunswick
428Balmoral SudNew Brunswick
428BaltimoreNew Brunswick
428BannonNew Brunswick
428BarnabyNew Brunswick
428BarnesvilleNew Brunswick
428BarnettvilleNew Brunswick
428BaronyNew Brunswick
428BarryvilleNew Brunswick
428Barter SettlementNew Brunswick
428BartholomewNew Brunswick
428BartibogNew Brunswick
428Bartibog BridgeNew Brunswick
428Bartletts MillsNew Brunswick
428Bas-Cap-PeleNew Brunswick
428Bas-CaraquetNew Brunswick
428Bas-PaquetvilleNew Brunswick
428Bass RiverNew Brunswick
428Basswood RidgeNew Brunswick
428BathNew Brunswick
428BathurstNew Brunswick
428Baxters CornerNew Brunswick
428Bay Du VinNew Brunswick
428Bay ViewNew Brunswick
428BayfieldNew Brunswick
428BaysideNew Brunswick
428BayswaterNew Brunswick
428BeaconsfieldNew Brunswick
428Bear IslandNew Brunswick
428BeardsleyNew Brunswick
428Beaver DamNew Brunswick
428Beaver HarbourNew Brunswick
428BeaverbrookNew Brunswick
428Beaverbrook Albert CoNew Brunswick
428Beckim SettlementNew Brunswick
428BedellNew Brunswick
428BeechwoodNew Brunswick
428BeersvilleNew Brunswick
428BelleduneNew Brunswick
428BellefondNew Brunswick
428Belleisle CreekNew Brunswick
428BellevilleNew Brunswick
428Benjamin RiverNew Brunswick
428BenoitNew Brunswick
428BentonNew Brunswick
428BeresfordNew Brunswick
428Berry MillsNew Brunswick
428BerrytonNew Brunswick
428BertrandNew Brunswick
428BerwickNew Brunswick
428BethelNew Brunswick
428BettsburgNew Brunswick
428Big Cove Queens CoNew Brunswick
428Big HoleNew Brunswick
428Big RiverNew Brunswick
428Birch RidgeNew Brunswick
428BirdtonNew Brunswick
428Black PointNew Brunswick
428Black RiverNew Brunswick
428Black River BridgeNew Brunswick
428Black RockNew Brunswick
428Blackland Restigouche CoNew Brunswick
428Blacks HarbourNew Brunswick
428BlackvilleNew Brunswick
428Blair AtholNew Brunswick
428BlissfieldNew Brunswick
428Bloomfield Carleton CoNew Brunswick
428Bloomfield Kings CoNew Brunswick
428Bloomfield RidgeNew Brunswick
428Blue BellNew Brunswick
428Blue Mountain BendNew Brunswick
428BocabecNew Brunswick
428BoiestownNew Brunswick
428Bois-BlancNew Brunswick
428Bois-GagnonNew Brunswick
428Bon AccordNew Brunswick
428Bonny RiverNew Brunswick
428Boom RoadNew Brunswick
428BouctoucheNew Brunswick
428Bouctouche CoveNew Brunswick
428Bouctouche ReserveNew Brunswick
428Bouctouche SudNew Brunswick
428Boudreau-OuestNew Brunswick
428Boundary CreekNew Brunswick
428BrantvilleNew Brunswick
428BreadalbaneNew Brunswick
428Brewers MillNew Brunswick
428Briggs Corner Queens CoNew Brunswick
428BristolNew Brunswick
428Bristol JunctionNew Brunswick
428British SettlementNew Brunswick
428BrockwayNew Brunswick
428Bronson SettlementNew Brunswick
428BrookvilleNew Brunswick
428Browns FlatNew Brunswick
428Browns YardNew Brunswick
428Brunswick MinesNew Brunswick
428BryentonNew Brunswick
428BubartownNew Brunswick
428Bull LakeNew Brunswick
428Bulls CreekNew Brunswick
428BurnsvilleNew Brunswick
428Burnt ChurchNew Brunswick
428Burnt Church First NationNew Brunswick
428Burnt HillNew Brunswick
428Burntland BrookNew Brunswick
428BurpeeNew Brunswick
428BurtonNew Brunswick
428Burtts CornerNew Brunswick
428Cails MillsNew Brunswick
428Cains RiverNew Brunswick
428Caissie RoadNew Brunswick
428CaithnessNew Brunswick
428Calders HeadNew Brunswick
428Caledonia MountainNew Brunswick
428CalhounNew Brunswick
428California SettlementNew Brunswick
428Cambridge-NarrowsNew Brunswick
428Campbell SettlementNew Brunswick
428Campbell Settlement York CoNew Brunswick
428CampbelltonNew Brunswick
428Canaan ForksNew Brunswick
428Canaan StationNew Brunswick
428CanalNew Brunswick
428CanistoNew Brunswick
428CanobieNew Brunswick
428CanooseNew Brunswick
428CanterburyNew Brunswick
428Canton Des BasquesNew Brunswick
428Cap-BateauNew Brunswick
428Cap-PeleNew Brunswick
428Cape EnrageNew Brunswick
428Cape SpearNew Brunswick
428Cape StationNew Brunswick
428Cape TormentineNew Brunswick
428CaraquetNew Brunswick
428CardiganNew Brunswick
428CarlingfordNew Brunswick
428CarlisleNew Brunswick
428CarlowNew Brunswick
428Carrol RidgeNew Brunswick
428Carrolls CrossingNew Brunswick
428CarsonvilleNew Brunswick
428Carters PointNew Brunswick
428Cassidy LakeNew Brunswick
428CassilisNew Brunswick
428Cedar CampNew Brunswick
428Central BlissvilleNew Brunswick
428Central GreenwichNew Brunswick
428Central HainesvilleNew Brunswick
428Central HampsteadNew Brunswick
428Central WatervilleNew Brunswick
428Centre VillageNew Brunswick
428CentrevilleNew Brunswick
428Chamberlain SettlementNew Brunswick
428Chambers SettlementNew Brunswick
428ChamcookNew Brunswick
428Chance HarbourNew Brunswick
428Chaplin Island RoadNew Brunswick
428CharlestonNew Brunswick
428Charlie LakeNew Brunswick
428CharloNew Brunswick
428Charlo SouthNew Brunswick
428Charters SettlementNew Brunswick
428ChelmsfordNew Brunswick
428Cherry BurtonNew Brunswick
428Chiasson OfficeNew Brunswick
428Childs CreekNew Brunswick
428ChipmanNew Brunswick
428Chocolate CoveNew Brunswick
428ClairNew Brunswick
428ClairvilleNew Brunswick
428ClarendonNew Brunswick
428Clarks CornerNew Brunswick
428ClarkvilleNew Brunswick
428ClearviewNew Brunswick
428CliftonNew Brunswick
428Clifton RoyalNew Brunswick
428Clover HillNew Brunswick
428Clover ValleyNew Brunswick
428CloverdaleNew Brunswick
428Coal BranchNew Brunswick
428Coal CreekNew Brunswick
428CoburgNew Brunswick
428CocagneNew Brunswick
428CodysNew Brunswick
428ColdstreamNew Brunswick
428Coles Island Queens CoNew Brunswick
428ColletteNew Brunswick
428CollinaNew Brunswick
428Colpitts SettlementNew Brunswick
428ConnellNew Brunswick
428CookvilleNew Brunswick
428Cormier-VillageNew Brunswick
428CornhillNew Brunswick
428Coteau RoadNew Brunswick
428Craig FlatsNew Brunswick
428Crocker HillNew Brunswick
428Crombie SettlementNew Brunswick
428Cross CreekNew Brunswick
428Cumberland BayNew Brunswick
428Cummings CoveNew Brunswick
428Currie SidingNew Brunswick
428CurrieburgNew Brunswick
428CurryvilleNew Brunswick
428CurventonNew Brunswick
428DalhousieNew Brunswick
428Dalhousie JunctionNew Brunswick
428DamascusNew Brunswick
428Darlings IslandNew Brunswick
428DauversiereNew Brunswick
428Dawson SettlementNew Brunswick
428DawsonvilleNew Brunswick
428Dead CreekNew Brunswick
428DebecNew Brunswick
428DeersdaleNew Brunswick
428DeervilleNew Brunswick
428Dennis BeachNew Brunswick
428DerbyNew Brunswick
428Derby JunctionNew Brunswick
428DewolfeNew Brunswick
428DieppeNew Brunswick
428DigdeguashNew Brunswick
428Dipper HarbourNew Brunswick
428DivideNew Brunswick
428DoaktownNew Brunswick
428Dobson CornerNew Brunswick
428DonegalNew Brunswick
428DorchesterNew Brunswick
428Dorchester CapeNew Brunswick
428Dorrington HillNew Brunswick
428DouglasNew Brunswick
428Douglas HarbourNew Brunswick
428Dow SettlementNew Brunswick
428Doyles BrookNew Brunswick
428DrummondNew Brunswick
428Drurys CoveNew Brunswick
428Dsl De DrummondNew Brunswick
428Dubee SettlementNew Brunswick
428Dufferin Charlotte CoNew Brunswick
428Dufferin Queens CoNew Brunswick
428DugasNew Brunswick
428DuguayvilleNew Brunswick
428DumfriesNew Brunswick
428DundasNew Brunswick
428DundeeNew Brunswick
428DunlopNew Brunswick
428DunsinaneNew Brunswick
428Durham BridgeNew Brunswick
428Dutch ValleyNew Brunswick
428East BranchNew Brunswick
428East BrightonNew Brunswick
428East CentrevilleNew Brunswick
428East ColdstreamNew Brunswick
428East NewbridgeNew Brunswick
428Edgetts LandingNew Brunswick
428EdmundstonNew Brunswick
428Eel GroundNew Brunswick
428Eel River Bar First NationNew Brunswick
428Eel River CoveNew Brunswick
428Eel River CrossingNew Brunswick
428Eel River LakeNew Brunswick
428ElginNew Brunswick
428Elm HillNew Brunswick
428ElmsvilleNew Brunswick
428ElmwoodNew Brunswick
428Elsipogtog First NationNew Brunswick
428English SettlementNew Brunswick
428EnterpriseNew Brunswick
428Erb SettlementNew Brunswick
428Erbs CoveNew Brunswick
428EscuminacNew Brunswick
428Estey's BridgeNew Brunswick
428EvandaleNew Brunswick
428EvangelineNew Brunswick
428Evans RoadNew Brunswick
428EverettNew Brunswick
428ExmoorNew Brunswick
428FairfieldNew Brunswick
428Fairfield Westmorland CoNew Brunswick
428FairhavenNew Brunswick
428FairisleNew Brunswick
428Fawcett HillNew Brunswick
428FieldingNew Brunswick
428FlatlandsNew Brunswick
428FlemingtonNew Brunswick
428FlorencevilleNew Brunswick
428Flowers CoveNew Brunswick
428Flume RidgeNew Brunswick
428Ford BankNew Brunswick
428Fords MillsNew Brunswick
428Forest CityNew Brunswick
428Forest GlenNew Brunswick
428FostervilleNew Brunswick
428Four CornersNew Brunswick
428Four FallsNew Brunswick
428Four RoadsNew Brunswick
428FredericksburgNew Brunswick
428FrederictonNew Brunswick
428Fredericton JunctionNew Brunswick
428Free GrantNew Brunswick
428French LakeNew Brunswick
428French Village Kings CoNew Brunswick
428French Village-YorkNew Brunswick
428Frosty HollowNew Brunswick
428Fundy National ParkNew Brunswick
428GagetownNew Brunswick
428Gallagher RidgeNew Brunswick
428GallowayNew Brunswick
428Gardiner PointNew Brunswick
428Gardner CreekNew Brunswick
428Garnett SettlementNew Brunswick
428Gaspereau ForksNew Brunswick
428GauvreauNew Brunswick
428GearyNew Brunswick
428GermantownNew Brunswick
428Giants GlenNew Brunswick
428GladesideNew Brunswick
428GladwynNew Brunswick
428GlassvilleNew Brunswick
428GlencoeNew Brunswick
428GlenlevitNew Brunswick
428GlenvaleNew Brunswick
428GlenwoodNew Brunswick
428Glenwood Kings CoNew Brunswick
428Gloucester JunctionNew Brunswick
428Good CornerNew Brunswick
428Goodwin MillNew Brunswick
428GordonsvilleNew Brunswick
428GraftonNew Brunswick
428Grand Bay-WestfieldNew Brunswick
428Grand FallsNew Brunswick
428Grand FallsNew Brunswick
428Grand Lake RoadNew Brunswick
428Grand MananNew Brunswick
428Grand-BarachoisNew Brunswick
428Grande-AnseNew Brunswick
428Grande-DigueNew Brunswick
428Gravel HillNew Brunswick
428Gray RapidsNew Brunswick
428Greater LakeburnNew Brunswick
428Green HillNew Brunswick
428Green MountainNew Brunswick
428Green RoadNew Brunswick
428GreenfieldNew Brunswick
428Greenhill LakeNew Brunswick
428Gregg SettlementNew Brunswick
428Grove HillNew Brunswick
428HacheyvilleNew Brunswick
428HalcombNew Brunswick
428HammondvaleNew Brunswick
428HampsteadNew Brunswick
428HamptonNew Brunswick
428Hamtown CornerNew Brunswick
428HaneytownNew Brunswick
428Hanford BrookNew Brunswick
428HanwellNew Brunswick
428HarcourtNew Brunswick
428HardwickeNew Brunswick
428Hardwood RidgeNew Brunswick
428HarewoodNew Brunswick
428HartfieldNew Brunswick
428HartfordNew Brunswick
428Hartin SettlementNew Brunswick
428HartlandNew Brunswick
428Hartley SettlementNew Brunswick
428Harvey Albert CoNew Brunswick
428Harvey StationNew Brunswick
428Harvey York CoNew Brunswick
428Hatfield PointNew Brunswick
428Haut-LamequeNew Brunswick
428Haut-PaquetvilleNew Brunswick
428Haut-Riviere-Du-PortageNew Brunswick
428Haut-Saint-AntoineNew Brunswick
428Haut-SheilaNew Brunswick
428Haut-ShippaganNew Brunswick
428Haute-AboujaganeNew Brunswick
428HavelockNew Brunswick
428Hawkins CornerNew Brunswick
428HawkshawNew Brunswick
428Hay SettlementNew Brunswick
428HayesvilleNew Brunswick
428Hayman HillNew Brunswick
428HazeldeanNew Brunswick
428HazeltonNew Brunswick
428Head Of MillstreamNew Brunswick
428HeathlandNew Brunswick
428HebertNew Brunswick
428HebronNew Brunswick
428Henderson SettlementNew Brunswick
428HersonvilleNew Brunswick
428Hibernia CoveNew Brunswick
428HicksvilleNew Brunswick
428HighfieldNew Brunswick
428HillandaleNew Brunswick
428HillgroveNew Brunswick
428HillsboroughNew Brunswick
428Hillsborough WestNew Brunswick
428HillsdaleNew Brunswick
428HilltopNew Brunswick
428HolmesvilleNew Brunswick
428HoltvilleNew Brunswick
428HoneydaleNew Brunswick
428Hopewell CapeNew Brunswick
428Hopewell HillNew Brunswick
428HowardNew Brunswick
428Howard BrookNew Brunswick
428Howland RidgeNew Brunswick
428HoytNew Brunswick
428Hunters HomeNew Brunswick
428Immigrant RoadNew Brunswick
428Indian IslandNew Brunswick
428Indian MountainNew Brunswick
428InkermanNew Brunswick
428Inkerman FerryNew Brunswick
428IntervaleNew Brunswick
428Irish SettlementNew Brunswick
428IrishtownNew Brunswick
428Iron Bound CoveNew Brunswick
428Island ViewNew Brunswick
428Jackson FallsNew Brunswick
428JacksontownNew Brunswick
428JacksonvilleNew Brunswick
428JanevilleNew Brunswick
428JardinevilleNew Brunswick
428Jeffries CornerNew Brunswick
428JemsegNew Brunswick
428Jewetts MillsNew Brunswick
428Johnson Settlement Charlotte CNew Brunswick
428Johnson Settlement York CoNew Brunswick
428Johnson's MillsNew Brunswick
428Johnston PointNew Brunswick
428JohnvilleNew Brunswick
428JolicureNew Brunswick
428Jordan MountainNew Brunswick
428JuniperNew Brunswick
428KarsNew Brunswick
428KedgwickNew Brunswick
428Kedgwick NordNew Brunswick
428Kedgwick OuestNew Brunswick
428Kedgwick RiverNew Brunswick
428Kedgwick SudNew Brunswick
428KeenansNew Brunswick
428Kent JunctionNew Brunswick
428KeswickNew Brunswick
428Keswick RidgeNew Brunswick
428Kierstead MountainNew Brunswick
428KiersteadvilleNew Brunswick
428KilburnNew Brunswick
428Killams MillsNew Brunswick
428Killarney RoadNew Brunswick
428KilloweenNew Brunswick
428KincardineNew Brunswick
428Kings Landing Historical SettlNew Brunswick
428Kingsclear First NationNew Brunswick
428KingsleyNew Brunswick
428KingstonNew Brunswick
428Kinnear SettlementNew Brunswick
428KirklandNew Brunswick
428KnightvilleNew Brunswick
428KnowlesvilleNew Brunswick
428KouchibouguacNew Brunswick
428Kouchibouguac National ParkNew Brunswick
428L'EteteNew Brunswick
428Lac BakerNew Brunswick
428LagacevilleNew Brunswick
428Lake EdwardNew Brunswick
428Lake GeorgeNew Brunswick
428LakesideNew Brunswick
428LaketonNew Brunswick
428Lakeville Carleton CoNew Brunswick
428Lakeville CornerNew Brunswick
428Lakeville-WestmorlandNew Brunswick
428Lambert's CoveNew Brunswick
428LambertvilleNew Brunswick
428LamequeNew Brunswick
428Landry OfficeNew Brunswick
428LansdowneNew Brunswick
428LaplanteNew Brunswick
428LavilletteNew Brunswick
428Lawrence StationNew Brunswick
428Le GouletNew Brunswick
428Lee SettlementNew Brunswick
428LeechNew Brunswick
428Leonard ColonyNew Brunswick
428LeonardvilleNew Brunswick
428LepreauNew Brunswick
428LetangNew Brunswick
428LevervilleNew Brunswick
428Lewis MountainNew Brunswick
428LimekilnNew Brunswick
428LimestoneNew Brunswick
428LincolnNew Brunswick
428LindsayNew Brunswick
428Linton CornerNew Brunswick
428Little BartibogNew Brunswick
428Little LepreauNew Brunswick
428Little RidgeNew Brunswick
428Little River Albert CoNew Brunswick
428Little River Gloucester CoNew Brunswick
428Little River HillNew Brunswick
428Little Salmon River WestNew Brunswick
428Little ShemogueNew Brunswick
428LocksteadNew Brunswick
428LondonderryNew Brunswick
428Long CreekNew Brunswick
428Long PointNew Brunswick
428Long ReachNew Brunswick
428Long SettlementNew Brunswick
428Long Settlement Kings CoNew Brunswick
428Lord's CoveNew Brunswick
428LorneNew Brunswick
428Losier SettlementNew Brunswick
428Lower BrightonNew Brunswick
428Lower CambridgeNew Brunswick
428Lower CapeNew Brunswick
428Lower CoveNew Brunswick
428Lower CoverdaleNew Brunswick
428Lower DerbyNew Brunswick
428Lower GreenwichNew Brunswick
428Lower HainesvilleNew Brunswick
428Lower KingsclearNew Brunswick
428Lower KintoreNew Brunswick
428Lower KnoxfordNew Brunswick
428Lower MillstreamNew Brunswick
428Lower NewcastleNew Brunswick
428Lower NortonNew Brunswick
428Lower QueensburyNew Brunswick
428Lower St MarysNew Brunswick
428Lower WoodstockNew Brunswick
428LudlowNew Brunswick
428LugarNew Brunswick
428Lutes MountainNew Brunswick
428LynnfieldNew Brunswick
428LyttletonNew Brunswick
428Macdougall SettlementNew Brunswick
428Maces BayNew Brunswick
428Maclaggan BridgeNew Brunswick
428MactaquacNew Brunswick
428Madawaska Maliseet Frst NationNew Brunswick
428MadranNew Brunswick
428Main RiverNew Brunswick
428MainstreamNew Brunswick
428MaisonnetteNew Brunswick
428MaldenNew Brunswick
428MaltempecNew Brunswick
428Mann's MountainNew Brunswick
428MannhurstNew Brunswick
428Maple GlenNew Brunswick
428Maple GroveNew Brunswick
428Maple RidgeNew Brunswick
428Maple ViewNew Brunswick
428MapledaleNew Brunswick
428MaplehurstNew Brunswick
428MaplewoodNew Brunswick
428Maquapit LakeNew Brunswick
428MarkhamvilleNew Brunswick
428MarneNew Brunswick
428MarrtownNew Brunswick
428MascareneNew Brunswick
428Mates CornerNew Brunswick
428Matthews SettlementNew Brunswick
428MaugervilleNew Brunswick
428MaxwellNew Brunswick
428MayfieldNew Brunswick
428Mazerolle SettlementNew Brunswick
428McAdamNew Brunswick
428McGivneyNew Brunswick
428McIntosh HillNew Brunswick
428McKees MillsNew Brunswick
428McKennaNew Brunswick
428McKenzie CornerNew Brunswick
428McKinleyvilleNew Brunswick
428McLaughlinNew Brunswick
428McLeod HillNew Brunswick
428McLeodsNew Brunswick
428McNameeNew Brunswick
428McQuadeNew Brunswick
428Meadow BrookNew Brunswick
428Mechanic SettlementNew Brunswick
428MedfordNew Brunswick
428MeducticNew Brunswick
428MelroseNew Brunswick
428MemramcookNew Brunswick
428Memramcook EastNew Brunswick
428MennevalNew Brunswick
428Middle HainesvilleNew Brunswick
428Middle RiverNew Brunswick
428Middle SackvilleNew Brunswick
428MiddletonNew Brunswick
428MidgicNew Brunswick
428Midland Kings CoNew Brunswick
428Midland Queens CoNew Brunswick
428MidwayNew Brunswick
428Mill BrookNew Brunswick
428Mill CoveNew Brunswick
428MillertonNew Brunswick
428MillvilleNew Brunswick
428Ministers IslandNew Brunswick
428MintoNew Brunswick
428MiramichiNew Brunswick
428Miramichi BayNew Brunswick
428Miramichi RoadNew Brunswick
428MiscouNew Brunswick
428MispecNew Brunswick
428MohannesNew Brunswick
428MonctonNew Brunswick
428MonquartNew Brunswick
428MonteagleNew Brunswick
428MonumentNew Brunswick
428Moores MillsNew Brunswick
428Moose MountainNew Brunswick
428Moosehorn CreekNew Brunswick
428Morrell SidingNew Brunswick
428MorrisdaleNew Brunswick
428Mount DelightNew Brunswick
428Mount HebronNew Brunswick
428Mount HopeNew Brunswick
428Mount MiddletonNew Brunswick
428Mount PisgahNew Brunswick
428Mount PleasantNew Brunswick
428MundlevilleNew Brunswick
428MuniacNew Brunswick
428Murray CornerNew Brunswick
428Murray SettlementNew Brunswick
428MusquashNew Brunswick
428NackawicNew Brunswick
428NapadoganNew Brunswick
428NapanNew Brunswick
428Nash CreekNew Brunswick
428Nashwaak BridgeNew Brunswick
428Nashwaak VillageNew Brunswick
428NasonworthNew Brunswick
428NauwigewaukNew Brunswick
428NeguacNew Brunswick
428Nelson HollowNew Brunswick
428Nepisiguit FallsNew Brunswick
428NerepisNew Brunswick
428New AvonNew Brunswick
428New Bandon Gloucester CoNew Brunswick
428New Bandon Northumb CoNew Brunswick
428New CanaanNew Brunswick
428New DenmarkNew Brunswick
428New England SettlementNew Brunswick
428New HortonNew Brunswick
428New JerseyNew Brunswick
428New LineNew Brunswick
428New MarketNew Brunswick
428New MarylandNew Brunswick
428New MillsNew Brunswick
428New River BeachNew Brunswick
428New ScotlandNew Brunswick
428New ZionNew Brunswick
428NewbridgeNew Brunswick
428NewburgNew Brunswick
428Newcastle CentreNew Brunswick
428Newcastle CreekNew Brunswick
428NewtownNew Brunswick
428Nicholas DenysNew Brunswick
428NictauNew Brunswick
428NigadooNew Brunswick
428NoinvilleNew Brunswick
428NoonanNew Brunswick
428North ForksNew Brunswick
428North LakeNew Brunswick
428North ShannonvaleNew Brunswick
428North TayNew Brunswick
428North TetagoucheNew Brunswick
428North ViewNew Brunswick
428NorthamptonNew Brunswick
428Northern HarbourNew Brunswick
428NortonNew Brunswick
428NortondaleNew Brunswick
428Notre Dame De LourdesNew Brunswick
428Notre-DameNew Brunswick
428Notre-Dame-Des-ErablesNew Brunswick
428Oak BayNew Brunswick
428Oak HavenNew Brunswick
428Oak HillNew Brunswick
428Oak MountainNew Brunswick
428Oak PointNew Brunswick
428Oak Point Kings CoNew Brunswick
428OaklandNew Brunswick
428OakvilleNew Brunswick
428OdellNew Brunswick
428Old AvonNew Brunswick
428Old RidgeNew Brunswick
428Orange HillNew Brunswick
428OromoctoNew Brunswick
428Osborne CornerNew Brunswick
428Otter CreekNew Brunswick
428OxbowNew Brunswick
428Pabineau FallsNew Brunswick
428Pabineau First NationNew Brunswick
428PaquetvilleNew Brunswick
428Parker RidgeNew Brunswick
428Parker RoadNew Brunswick
428ParkindaleNew Brunswick
428Parlee BrookNew Brunswick
428ParleevilleNew Brunswick
428PassekeagNew Brunswick
428PearsonvilleNew Brunswick
428PeelNew Brunswick
428PelerinNew Brunswick
428Peltoma SettlementNew Brunswick
428Pemberton RidgeNew Brunswick
428PembrokeNew Brunswick
428PennfieldNew Brunswick
428PenniacNew Brunswick
428PenobsquisNew Brunswick
428Perry SettlementNew Brunswick
428Perth-AndoverNew Brunswick
428Petit TracadieNew Brunswick
428Petit-CapNew Brunswick
428Petit-PaquetvilleNew Brunswick
428Petit-RocherNew Brunswick
428Petit-Rocher-NordNew Brunswick
428Petit-Rocher-OuestNew Brunswick
428Petit-Rocher-SudNew Brunswick
428Petit-ShippaganNew Brunswick
428PetitcodiacNew Brunswick
428Petitcodiac EastNew Brunswick
428Petite-LamequeNew Brunswick
428Petite-Riviere-De-L'IleNew Brunswick
428PicadillyNew Brunswick
428Picketts CoveNew Brunswick
428PiercemontNew Brunswick
428Pigeon HillNew Brunswick
428Pine GlenNew Brunswick
428Pine RidgeNew Brunswick
428PinevilleNew Brunswick
428Plaster RockNew Brunswick
428Pleasant Ridge Char CountyNew Brunswick
428Pleasant Ridge Kings CoNew Brunswick
428Pleasant VillaNew Brunswick
428PlumweseepNew Brunswick
428PlymouthNew Brunswick
428PocologanNew Brunswick
428Point De ButeNew Brunswick
428Point La NimNew Brunswick
428Pointe A BouleauNew Brunswick
428Pointe A TomNew Brunswick
428Pointe Des RobichaudNew Brunswick
428Pointe Dixon PointNew Brunswick
428Pointe-AlexandreNew Brunswick
428Pointe-BruleNew Brunswick
428Pointe-CanotNew Brunswick
428Pointe-Du-CheneNew Brunswick
428Pointe-SapinNew Brunswick
428Pointe-SauvageNew Brunswick
428Pointe-VerteNew Brunswick
428Poirier SubdivisionNew Brunswick
428PokemoucheNew Brunswick
428PokeshawNew Brunswick
428PokesudieNew Brunswick
428PokiokNew Brunswick
428Pole HillNew Brunswick
428Pollett RiverNew Brunswick
428Pomeroy RidgeNew Brunswick
428PondstreamNew Brunswick
428Pont LafranceNew Brunswick
428Pont LandryNew Brunswick
428PoodiacNew Brunswick
428Port ElginNew Brunswick
428PortageNew Brunswick
428Portage St-LouisNew Brunswick
428Portage ValeNew Brunswick
428Porter CoveNew Brunswick
428PricevilleNew Brunswick
428Prince Of WalesNew Brunswick
428Prince WilliamNew Brunswick
428Princess ParkNew Brunswick
428Printz CoveNew Brunswick
428Prosser BrookNew Brunswick
428Public LandingNew Brunswick
428Quaker BrookNew Brunswick
428QuarryvilleNew Brunswick
428QueenstownNew Brunswick
428QuispamsisNew Brunswick
428Rang-Saint-GeorgesNew Brunswick
428Ratter CornerNew Brunswick
428Red BankNew Brunswick
428Red Bank Queens CoNew Brunswick
428Red Bank ReserveNew Brunswick
428Red BridgeNew Brunswick
428Red RapidsNew Brunswick
428Red RockNew Brunswick
428RedmondvilleNew Brunswick
428Renauds MillsNew Brunswick
428RenousNew Brunswick
428RextonNew Brunswick
428RicevilleNew Brunswick
428RichardsonNew Brunswick
428Richibouctou-VillageNew Brunswick
428RichibuctoNew Brunswick
428Richibucto RoadNew Brunswick
428Richmond CornerNew Brunswick
428Richmond SettlementNew Brunswick
428Riley BrookNew Brunswick
428Rio GrandeNew Brunswick
428RipplesNew Brunswick
428RitchieNew Brunswick
428River De ChuteNew Brunswick
428River GladeNew Brunswick
428Riverbank Carleton CoNew Brunswick
428Riverbank Kings CoNew Brunswick
428Riverbank SouthNew Brunswick
428Riverside-AlbertNew Brunswick
428RiverviewNew Brunswick
428Riviere A La TruiteNew Brunswick
428Riviere Du NordNew Brunswick
428Riviere-Du-PortageNew Brunswick
428Riviere-VerteNew Brunswick
428RoachvilleNew Brunswick
428RobertvilleNew Brunswick
428Robichaud SettlementNew Brunswick
428RobinsonvilleNew Brunswick
428RochevilleNew Brunswick
428RocklandNew Brunswick
428RockportNew Brunswick
428RogersvilleNew Brunswick
428Rogersville-EstNew Brunswick
428Rogersville-OuestNew Brunswick
428RollingdamNew Brunswick
428RosairevilleNew Brunswick
428RosedaleNew Brunswick
428RosehillNew Brunswick
428RosevaleNew Brunswick
428RossvilleNew Brunswick
428RothesayNew Brunswick
428Rough WatersNew Brunswick
428RowenaNew Brunswick
428RowleyNew Brunswick
428Royal RoadNew Brunswick
428RoyaltonNew Brunswick
428RusagonisNew Brunswick
428RussellvilleNew Brunswick
428SackvilleNew Brunswick
428Sackville RoadNew Brunswick
428Saint JohnNew Brunswick
428Saint-AmateurNew Brunswick
428Saint-AndreNew Brunswick
428Saint-Andre-LeblancNew Brunswick
428Saint-AntoineNew Brunswick
428Saint-Antoine SudNew Brunswick
428Saint-Antoine-De-KentNew Brunswick
428Saint-ArthurNew Brunswick
428Saint-BasileNew Brunswick
428Saint-CharlesNew Brunswick
428Saint-DamienNew Brunswick
428Saint-Edouard-De-KentNew Brunswick
428Saint-Francois-De-MadawaskaNew Brunswick
428Saint-GregoireNew Brunswick
428Saint-IgnaceNew Brunswick
428Saint-IreneeNew Brunswick
428Saint-IsidoreNew Brunswick
428Saint-JacquesNew Brunswick
428Saint-Joseph-De-KentNew Brunswick
428Saint-LaurentNew Brunswick
428Saint-Laurent NordNew Brunswick
428Saint-LeolinNew Brunswick
428Saint-LeonardNew Brunswick
428Saint-Leonard-ParentNew Brunswick
428Saint-LouisNew Brunswick
428Saint-Louis-De-KentNew Brunswick
428Saint-Martin-De-RestigoucheNew Brunswick
428Saint-MaureNew Brunswick
428Saint-MauriceNew Brunswick
428Saint-NorbertNew Brunswick
428Saint-PaulNew Brunswick
428Saint-PhilippeNew Brunswick
428Saint-QuentinNew Brunswick
428Saint-SauveurNew Brunswick
428Saint-SimonNew Brunswick
428Saint-Thomas-De-KentNew Brunswick
428Saint-WilfredNew Brunswick
428Sainte RoseNew Brunswick
428Sainte-Anne Gloucester CoNew Brunswick
428Sainte-Anne-De-KentNew Brunswick
428Sainte-Anne-De-MadawaskaNew Brunswick
428Sainte-CecileNew Brunswick
428Sainte-LouiseNew Brunswick
428Sainte-Marie-De-KentNew Brunswick
428Sainte-Marie-Saint-RaphaelNew Brunswick
428Sainte-RosetteNew Brunswick
428Sainte-Therese SudNew Brunswick
428SalemNew Brunswick
428SalisburyNew Brunswick
428Salisbury WestNew Brunswick
428Salmon BeachNew Brunswick
428Salmon CreekNew Brunswick
428Salmon RiverNew Brunswick
428Salmon River RoadNew Brunswick
428Salt SpringsNew Brunswick
428SaumarezNew Brunswick
428Savoie LandingNew Brunswick
428Scotch LakeNew Brunswick
428Scotch RidgeNew Brunswick
428Scotch SettlementNew Brunswick
428Scotch Settlement York CoNew Brunswick
428ScotchtownNew Brunswick
428Scott SidingNew Brunswick
428ScoudoucNew Brunswick
428Scoudouc RoadNew Brunswick
428Sea SideNew Brunswick
428SearsvilleNew Brunswick
428Second FallsNew Brunswick
428Second North RiverNew Brunswick
428Seeleys CoveNew Brunswick
428SevogleNew Brunswick
428ShanklinNew Brunswick
428ShannonNew Brunswick
428ShediacNew Brunswick
428Shediac BridgeNew Brunswick
428Shediac Bridge-Shediac RiverNew Brunswick
428Shediac CapeNew Brunswick
428Shediac RiverNew Brunswick
428SheffieldNew Brunswick
428ShemogueNew Brunswick
428ShenstoneNew Brunswick
428Shepody Albert CoNew Brunswick
428Shepody Kings CoNew Brunswick
428ShippaganNew Brunswick
428SiegasNew Brunswick
428SillikersNew Brunswick
428SimondsNew Brunswick
428Sisson BrookNew Brunswick
428Sisson RidgeNew Brunswick
428Six RoadsNew Brunswick
428Skiff LakeNew Brunswick
428SlopeNew Brunswick
428Smith CrossingNew Brunswick
428Smith's CornerNew Brunswick
428SmithfieldNew Brunswick
428Smiths CreekNew Brunswick
428SmithtownNew Brunswick
428Snider MountainNew Brunswick
428SomervilleNew Brunswick
428SormanyNew Brunswick
428South Branch Kent CoNew Brunswick
428South Branch Kings CoNew Brunswick
428South CanaanNew Brunswick
428South EskNew Brunswick
428South NelsonNew Brunswick
428South Oromocto LakeNew Brunswick
428South TetagoucheNew Brunswick
428SouthamptonNew Brunswick
428SouthfieldNew Brunswick
428SpeervilleNew Brunswick
428SpringdaleNew Brunswick
428Springfield Kings CoNew Brunswick
428Springfield York CoNew Brunswick
428Squaw CapNew Brunswick
428St AlmoNew Brunswick
428St AndrewsNew Brunswick
428St CroixNew Brunswick
428St David RidgeNew Brunswick

The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982112.

NIPOST or Nigerian Postal Service is a company owned and operated by the government of this country. The country has a total of more than 5000 post offices spread throughout the region. Find the correct ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code or Postal Code for the postal address you need.