Banteay Meanchey Postal code, Cambodia

Banteay Meanchey Postal Code is the range from 010100 to 010903. The province is located in Cambodia in the far northwest.

NameBanteay Meanchey Province
Postcode010100 - 010903
Area Code054
CapitalSerei Saophoan

For more details on the list of Postal codes or ZIP codes in Banteay Meanchey Province, find the code along with the District and Commune.

Postal Code of Banteay Meanchey Province

010100Mongkol BoreiMongkol Borei
010101Banteay NeangMongkol Borei
010102Bat TrangMongkol Borei
010103ChamnaomMongkol Borei
010104Kouk BallangkMongkol Borei
010105Koy MaengMongkol Borei
010106Ou PrasatMongkol Borei
010107Phnum TouchMongkol Borei
010108Rohat TuekMongkol Borei
010109Ruessei KraokMongkol Borei
010110SambuorMongkol Borei
010111SoeaMongkol Borei
010112Srah ReangMongkol Borei
010113Ta LamMongkol Borei
010201Nam TauPhnom Srok
010202Poy CharPhnom Srok
010203PonleyPhnom Srok
010204Spean SraengPhnom Srok
010205Srah ChikPhnom Srok
010206Phnum DeiPhnom Srok
010301Chhnuor Mean CheyPrea Netr Preah
010302Chob VariPrea Netr Preah
010303Phnum LiebPrea Netr Preah
010304PrasatPrea Netr Preah
010305Preah Netr PreaPrea Netr Preah
010306RohalPrea Netr Preah
010307Tean KamPrea Netr Preah
010308Tuek ChourPrea Netr Preah
010309Bos SbovPrea Netr Preah
010401ChanghaOu Chrov
010402KoubOu Chrov
010403KuttasatOu Chrov
010404SamraongOu Chrov
010405SouphiOu Chrov
010406SoenghOu Chrov
010407Ou BeichoanOu Chrov
010501Banteay ChhmarThma Puok
010502Kouk RomietThma Puok
010503Phum ThmeiThma Puok
010504Thma PuokThma Puok
010505Kouk KakthenThma Puok
010506KumruThma Puok
010601PhkoamSvay Check
010602SarongkSvay Check
010603Sla KramSvay Check
010604Svay CheckSvay Check
010605Ta BaenSvay Check
010606Ta PhouSvay Check
010607TreasSvay Check
010608RoluosSvay Check
010701Boeng BengMalai
010703Ou SralauMalai
010704Ou SampoarMalai
010705Tuol PongroMalai
010706Ta KonggMalai
010801Sangkat Kampong SvaySerei Saophoan Municipality
010802Sangkat Kaoh Pong SatvSerei Saophoan Municipality
010803Sangkat MkakSerei Saophoan Municipality
010804Sangkat Ou AmbelSerei Saophoan Municipality
010805Sangkat PhnietSerei Saophoan Municipality
010806Sangkat Prea PonleaSerei Saophoan Municipality
010807Sangkat Tuek ThlaSerei Saophoan Municipality
010901Sangkat Paoy PaetPaoy Paet Municipality
010902Sangkat NimittPaoy Paet Municipality
010903Sangkat Phsar KandalPaoy Paet Municipality

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