Kampong Cham Postal code, Cambodia

Kampong Cham Postal Code is the range from 022514 to 031012. The province is located in Cambodia in the central lowlands of the Mekong River.

NameKampong Cham Province
Postcode022514 - 031012
Area Code042
CapitalKampong Cham

For more details on the list of Postal codes or ZIP codes in Kampong Cham Province, find the code along with the District and Commune.

Postal Code of Kampong Cham Province

022514Tong TralachSrei Santhor
023113Svay Khsach PhnumSrei Santhor
023712Svay PouSrei Santhor
024311Ruessei SrokSrei Santhor
024910Preaek RumdengSrei Santhor
025509Preaek PouSrei Santhor
026108Preaek DamboukSrei Santhor
026707Pram YamSrei Santhor
027306Phteah KandalSrei Santhor
027905Mean CheySrei Santhor
028504Kaoh AndaetSrei Santhor
029103Khnar SaSrei Santhor
029702Chi BalSrei Santhor
030102Chbar AmpovBatheay
030104Cheung PreyBatheay
030105Me PringBatheay
030109Tang KrangBatheay
030110Tang KrasangBatheay
030201Bos KhnorChamkar Leu
030202Chamkar AndoungChamkar Leu
030203CheyyouChamkar Leu
030204Lvea LeuChamkar Leu
030205SpueuChamkar Leu
030206Svay TeabChamkar Leu
030207Ta OngChamkar Leu
030208Ta ProkChamkar Leu
030301Khnor DambangCheung Prey
030301BaraySrei Santhor
030302Kouk RoviengCheung Prey
030303Pdau ChumCheung Prey
030304Prey CharCheung Prey
030305Pring ChrumCheung Prey
030306Sampong CheyCheung Prey
030307Sdaeung CheyCheung Prey
030308SoutibCheung Prey
030309SramarCheung Prey
030310Trapeang KorCheung Prey
030401Sangkat Boeng KokKampong Cham Municipality
030402Sangkat Kampong ChamKampong Cham Municipality
030403Sangkat Sambuor MeasKampong Cham Municipality
030404Sangkat Veal VongKampong Cham Municipality
030501AmpilKampong Siem
030502HancheyKampong Siem
030503Kien ChreyKampong Siem
030504KokorKampong Siem
030505Kaoh MittKampong Siem
030506Kaoh RokaKampong Siem
030507Kaoh SamraongKampong Siem
030508Krala TontuemKampong Siem
030509KralaKampong Siem
030510Ou SvayKampong Siem
030511Ro'angKampong Siem
030512RumchekKampong Siem
030513SrakKampong Siem
030514TreanKampong Siem
030515Vihear ThumKampong Siem
030601Angkor BanKang Meas
030602Kang Ta NoengKang Meas
030603KhchauKang Meas
030604Peam Chi KangKang Meas
030605Preaek KoyKang Meas
030606Preaek KrabauKang Meas
030607Reay PayKang Meas
030608Roka ArKang Meas
030609Roka KoyKang Meas
030610SdauKang Meas
030611Sour KongKang Meas
030701Kampong ReabKaoh Soutin
030702Kaoh SoutinKaoh Soutin
030703LveKaoh Soutin
030704Moha LeaphKaoh Soutin
030705Moha KhnhoungKaoh Soutin
030706Peam PrathnuohKaoh Soutin
030707PongroKaoh Soutin
030708Preaek Ta NongKaoh Soutin
030801BarayPrey Chhor
030802Boeng NayPrey Chhor
030803Chrey VienPrey Chhor
030804Khvet ThumPrey Chhor
030805KorPrey Chhor
030806KrouchPrey Chhor
030807LveaPrey Chhor
030808MienPrey Chhor
030809Prey ChhorPrey Chhor
030810Sour SaenPrey Chhor
030811SamraongPrey Chhor
030812SragnaePrey Chhor
030813Thma PunPrey Chhor
030814Tong RongPrey Chhor
030815Trapeang PreahPrey Chhor
031001Areaks TnotStueng Trang
031002Dang KdarStueng Trang
031003Khpob Ta NguonStueng Trang
031004Me Sar ChreyStueng Trang
031005Ou MluStueng Trang
031006Peam Kaoh SnarStueng Trang
031007Preah AndoungStueng Trang
031008Preah BakStueng Trang
031009Preah KakStueng Trang
031010SoupheasStueng Trang
031011Tuol Preah KhleangStueng Trang
031012Tuol SambuorStueng Trang

The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982112.

NIPOST or Nigerian Postal Service is a company owned and operated by the government of this country. The country has a total of more than 5000 post offices spread throughout the region. Find the correct ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code or Postal Code for the postal address you need.