Kampong Chhnang Postal code, Cambodia

Kampong Chhnang Postal Code is the range from 040101 to 040804. The province is located in Cambodia in the central.

NameKampong Chhnang Province
Postcode040101 - 040804
Area Code026
CapitalKampong Chhnang

For more details on the list of Postal codes or ZIP codes in Kampong Chhnang Province, find the code along with the District and Commune.

Postal Code of Kampong Chhnang Province

040101AkphivoadthTeuk Phos
040102ChiebTeuk Phos
040103Chaong MaongTeuk Phos
040104Kbal TeukTeuk Phos
040105Khlong PopokTeuk Phos
040106Krang SkearTeuk Phos
040107Tang KrosangTeuk Phos
040108Toul KhposTeuk Phos
040109Kdol Saen CheyTeuk Phos
040201Ampil TeukKompong Tralach
040202Chhuk SaKompong Tralach
040203ChresKompong Tralach
040204Kampong TralachKompong Tralach
040205LongveakKompong Tralach
040206Ou RuesseiKompong Tralach
040207PeaniKompong Tralach
040208SaebKompong Tralach
040209Ta ChesKompong Tralach
040210Thma EdthKompong Tralach
040301Chol SarChol Kiri
040302Kaoh ThkovChol Kiri
040303Kampong OusChol Kiri
040304Peam ChhkaokChol Kiri
040305Prey KriChol Kiri
040402Chhnok TruBaribour
040404Khon RangBaribour
040405Kampong Pres KokirBaribour
040408Pech ChangvarBaribour
040409Po PelBaribour
040411Trapeang ChanBaribour
040501Chhean LaeungSameaki Mean Chey
040502Khnar ChhmarSameaki Mean Chey
040503Krang LveaSameaki Mean Chey
040504PeamSameaki Mean Chey
040505SedtheiSameaki Mean Chey
040506SvaySameaki Mean Chey
040507Svay ChukSameaki Mean Chey
040508Tbaeng KhposSameaki Mean Chey
040509Thlok VienSameaki Mean Chey
040601ChranoukKampong Leang
040602DarKampong Leang
040603Kampong HauKampong Leang
040604Phlov TukKampong Leang
040605PouKampong Leang
040606Pralay MeasKampong Leang
040607Samraong SaenKampong Leang
040608Svay RumpeanKampong Leang
040609TrangelKampong Leang
040701Andoung SnayRolea B Ier
040702Banteay PrealRolea B Ier
040703Cheung KreavRolea B Ier
040704Chrey BakRolea B Ier
040705Kouk BanteayRolea B Ier
040706Krang LeavRolea B Ier
040707PongroRolea B Ier
040708PrasnoebRolea B Ier
040709Prey MulRolea B Ier
040710Rolea B'ierRolea B Ier
040711Srae ThmeiRolea B Ier
040712Svay ChrumRolea B Ier
040713Tuek HoutRolea B Ier
040801Sangkat Psar ChhnangKampong Chhnang Municipality
040802Sangkat Kampong ChhnangKampong Chhnang Municipality
040803Sangkat B'erKampong Chhnang Municipality
040804Sangkat KhsamKampong Chhnang Municipality

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