Kampong Speu Postal code, Cambodia

Kampong Speu Postal Code is the range from 050101 to 050805. The province is located in Cambodia.

NameKampong Speu Province
Postcode050101 - 050805
Area Code025
CapitalChbar Mon

For more details on the list of Postal codes or ZIP codes in Kampong Speu Province, find the code along with the District and Commune.

Postal Code of Kampong Speu Province

050101Roleang ChakSamraong Tong
050102Kahaeng CambodiaSamraong Tong
050103Khtum KrangSamraong Tong
050104Krang AmoilSamraong Tong
050105PneaySamraong Tong
050106Roleeang KreulSamraong Tong
050107Samraong TongSamraong Tong
050108SambourSamraong Tong
050109Saen DeiSamraong Tong
050110SkuhSamraong Tong
050111Tang KrouchSamraong Tong
050112Thummoda ArSamraong Tong
050113Trapeang KongSamraong Tong
050114Tumpoar MeasSamraong Tong
050115Voa SarSamraong Tong
050202Kat PhlukBasedth
050205Pheari Mean CheyBasedth
050207Pou AngkrangBasedth
050208Pou ChamraeunBasedth
050209Pou MrealBasedth
050210Svay ChachebBasedth
050211Tuol AmpilBasedth
050212Tuol SalaBasedth
050214Svay RumpearBasedth
050215Preah KhaeBasedth
050301Angk PopelKong Pisei
050302ChongrukKong Pisei
050303Moha RuesseiKong Pisei
050304Pechr MuniKong Pisei
050305Preah NipeanKong Pisei
050306Prey NheatKong Pisei
050307Prey VihearKong Pisei
050308Roka KaohKong Pisei
050309SdokKong Pisei
050310Snam KrapeuKong Pisei
050311SrangKong Pisei
050312Tuek L'akKong Pisei
050313VealKong Pisei
050401Chan SaenOdongk
050402Cheung RoasOdongk
050403Chumpu ProeksOdongk
050404Khsem KhsantOdongk
050405Krang ChekOdongk
050406Mean CheyOdongk
050407Preah SraeOdongk
050408Prey KrasangOdongk
050409Trach TongOdongk
050410Veal PongOdongk
050411Veang ChasOdongk
050412Yutth SameakkiOdongk
050413Damnak ReangOdongk
050414Peang LveaOdongk
050415Phnom TouchOdongk
050501ChambakPhnum Sruoch
050502Choam SangkaePhnum Sruoch
050503Dambouk RungPhnum Sruoch
050504Kiri VoanPhnum Sruoch
050505Krang Dei VayPhnum Sruoch
050506Moha SangPhnum Sruoch
050507OuPhnum Sruoch
050508Prey RumduolPhnum Sruoch
050509Prey KmengPhnum Sruoch
050510Tang SamraongPhnum Sruoch
050511Tang SyaPhnum Sruoch
050512Traeng TrayuengPhnum Sruoch
050603Prambei MumThpong
050604Rung RoeangThpong
050605Toap MeanThpong
050606Veal PongThpong
050607Yea AngkThpong
050701Haong SamnamAoral
050702Reaksmei SamekkiAoral
050703Trapeang ChourAoral
050704Sangkae SatobAoral
050705Ta SalAoral
050801Sangkat Chbar MonAoral
050802Sangkat Kandol DomAoral
050803Sangkat Rokar ThumAoral
050804Sangkat Sopoar TapAoral
050805Sangkat Svay KravanAoral

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