Kampot Postal code, Cambodia

Kampot Postal Code is the range from 070101 to 070805. The province is located in southwestern Cambodia.

NameKampot Province
Postcode070101 - 070805
Area Code033

For more details on the list of Postal codes or ZIP codes in Kampot Province, find the code along with the District and Commune.

Postal Code of Kampot Province

070103Boeng NimolChhuk
070105Doun YayChhuk
070106Krang SbovChhuk
070107Krang SnayChhuk
070109Trapeang PhleangChhuk
070110Mean CheyChhuk
070112Satv PongChhuk
070113Trapeang BeiChhuk
070115Dechou AkphivoadthChhuk
070201Boeng TukTuek Chhou
070202Chum KrielTuek Chhou
070203Kampong KraengTuek Chhou
070204Kampong SamraongTuek Chhou
070205KandaolTuek Chhou
070206Kaoh TouchTuek Chhou
070207Koun SsatvTuek Chhou
070208MakprangTuek Chhou
070209Preaek TnoatTuek Chhou
070210Prey KhmimTuek Chhou
070211Prey ThnangTuek Chhou
070212Stueng KaevTuek Chhou
070213ThmeiTuek Chhou
070214Trapeang PringTuek Chhou
070215Trapeang SangkaeTuek Chhou
070216Trapeang ThumTuek Chhou
070301Banteay Meas Khang KaeutBanteay Meas
070302Banteay Meas Khang LechBanteay Meas
070303Prey TonleBanteay Meas
070304Samraong KraomBanteay Meas
070305Samraong LeuBanteay Meas
070306Sdach Kong Khang CheungBanteay Meas
070307Sdach Kong Khang LechBanteay Meas
070308Sdach Kong Khang TboungBanteay Meas
070309Tnoat Chong SrangBanteay Meas
070310Trapeang Sala Khang KaeutBanteay Meas
070311Trapeang Sala Khang LechBanteay Meas
070312Tuk Meas Khang KaeutBanteay Meas
070313Tuk Meas Khang LechBanteay Meas
070314Watt Angk Khang CheungBanteay Meas
070315Watt Angk Khang TboungBanteay Meas
070401Angk Phnum TouchAngkor Chey
070402Angkor CheyAngkor Chey
070403ChampeiAngkor Chey
070404Dambouk KhposAngkor Chey
070405Damn KoumAngkor Chey
070406Daeum DoungAngkor Chey
070407MroumAngkor Chey
070408Phnum KongAngkor Chey
070409PraphnumAngkor Chey
070410SamlanhAngkor Chey
070411TaniAngkor Chey
070501Damnak SokramDang Tong
070502Dang TongDang Tong
070503Khcheay Khang CheungDang Tong
070504Khcheay Khang TboungDang Tong
070505Mean RitthDang Tong
070506Srae Chea Khang CheungDang Tong
070507Srea Chea Khang TboungDang Tong
070508TotoungDang Tong
070509Angk RomeasDang Tong
070510L'angDang Tong
070601Boeng Sala Khang CheungKampong Trach
070602Boeng Sala Khang TboungKampong Trach
070603Damnak Kantuot Khang CheungKampong Trach
070604Damnak Kantuot Khang TboungKampong Trach
070605Kompong Trach Khang KaeutKampong Trach
070606Kompong Trach Khang LechKampong Trach
070607Prasat Phnom KhyangKampong Trach
070608Phnom PrasatKampong Trach
070609Angk SophyKampong Trach
070610Preak KroesKampong Trach
070611Ruessei Srok Khang KaeutKampong Trach
070612Ruessei Srok Khang LechKampong Trach
070613Svay Tong Khang CheungKampong Trach
070614Svay Tong Khang TboungKampong Trach
070701ChresChum Kiri
070702Chumpu VoanChum Kiri
070703Snay AnhchitChum Kiri
070704Srae ChaengChum Kiri
070705Srae KnongChum Kiri
070706Srae SomraongChum Kiri
070707Trapeang ReangChum Kiri
070801Sangkat Kampong KandalKampot Municipality
070802Sangkat Krang AmpilKampot Municipality
070803Sangkat Kampong BayKampot Municipality
070804Sangkat Andoung KhmerKampot Municipality
070805Sangkat Traeuy KaohKampot Municipality

The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982112.

NIPOST or Nigerian Postal Service is a company owned and operated by the government of this country. The country has a total of more than 5000 post offices spread throughout the region. Find the correct ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code or Postal Code for the postal address you need.