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Ikole Town Postal Codes, Ekiti State

Ikole Town ZIP Codes, the town in the Ekiti State and consists of 19 Areas with Postal codes 370211 to 370282.

Listing of ZIP Codes in Ado Ekiti Town


Amuniklo Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Egbeoba High Sch. Ijesa-Isu Rd.370214
Olajanna's Compound370214
Police Station370214
TOPMEK Hotel370214

Asin Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Aofin Comp.370226
College Rd. Rd.370226
Ire Rd. Rd.370226
Odo Aoro St. St.370226
Okeidero St. St.370226
Secondary School,370226
St. Mary’s Girl’s370226
St. Mary’s Girl College370226

Elekole's Palace Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Adeleye Rd.370211
Araromi Rd.370211
Central Mosque Rd.370211
Civil Hall Community Bank370211
Ererin Junction370211
Fafure Lane370211
Fiance Office370211
Fire Service370211
First Bank370211
Ministry of Health370211
National Bank PLC370211
Odouro St.370211
Old Motor Park370211
Peoples Bank370211
Police Post370211
Uakun St.370211

Ibale Ikoyi Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Emuyin St.370222
Filani St.370222
Ikore St.370222
Ilasa St.370222
Ileko St.370222
Ilemo St.370222
Ogbomodowa St.370222
Origbo St.370222

Idemo Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Akinsale Rd.
Ara Aofin Compund370212
Asunrin Compound370212
Chief Edemo’s370212
Eleyoo Market370212
Eti Esokosakin St.370212
Eti Urje St.370212
Idemo Mrkt370212
Ijesha-Isu Rd.370212
Ilesa Kole St.370212
Iloda St.370212
Iroko Aboripete St.370212
Isunrin St.370212
Odo Isunrin St.370212
Oguntuase Close370212
Oke Idemo St.370212
Oke Ilabo St.370212
Oke Ilaja St.370212
Oke Iloro St.370212
Oke Isunrin St.370212
Oke Ori Egunrun St.370212
Oke Oru St.370212
Olojogun Compound370212
Omodoke St.370212
Owo Obafo A.370212
Udi Awe St.370212

Igbonna Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Aofin Igbonna370227
Ilaro St.370227
Idofin St.370227

Ikole General Hospital Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Fed. Govt. College370253
Ayedun Rd.370253
Express Rd.370253
Ibitoye Estate370253

Ikoyi Ikoro Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Aduralere St.370232
Aofin St.370232
Fagbesa St.370232
Iledin St.370232
Ilogbo St.370232
Iloye St.370232
Inisemo Odo St.370232
Inisemo St.370232
Iteta St.370232
Kolawole St.370232
Mercy St.370232
Obadare St.370232
Odi-Olowo St.370232
Ogundana St.370232
St. James’ St.370232
Umoo St.370232

Iloka Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Akintoye Ln.370251
Ariyo St. St.370251
Aud. Pry. Sch.370251
Adeleye Adebayo Cl.370251
Aye Ayemi Store370251
Chief Famotibe Av. St.370251
Igbale St.370251
Igbo Simi St.370251
Iloka St.370251
Meth. Ch.370251
Methodist Hospital370251
NEPA Office370251
Odofin Ln.370251
Olpe Meji370251
Omo Oni Bakery370251
Sanni Compound370251

Ilotin Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Abebi Rd.
Alakara St.370231
Aloke St.370231
Arigidi St.370231
Ikole Local Govt. Sec.370231
Ilaro St.370231
Ilore St.370231
Ita Asope Rd.370231
Iwaro Rd.370231
Iworo St.370231
Odo Ile St.370231
Ogbontitun St.370231
Omi Omo St.370231

Imikan Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Aponranyin St.370281
Ayemi St.370281
Erede Rd.370281
Ezekiel Olatawura Rd.370281
Ibodi St.370281
Idogun St.370281
Idunmorun St.370281
Ijana St.370281
Ijesa-Isu Rd.370281
Ijowa St.370281
IkoleTown Hall370281
Imosun St.370281
Inisemo St.370281
Initegun St.370281
Isao St.370281
Isun Oda St.370281
Iteta St.370281
Oke Ibunkun St. St.370281
Total Petrol Station370281

Isaba Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Aofin Asaba370224
Atoki Camp370224
Idofin St.370224
Ifaki Rd.370224
Ilale St.370224
Ilawe St.370224
Ilotin St.370224
Iyara St.370224
Lokegba St.370224
Ogbon Titun St.370224

Isolo Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Adeleye Oriade’s Comp.
African Church370213
Bolorunduro St.370213
Chief Akanle Comp.370213
Govt. Tech. College Ijebio St.370213
Ijesa-Isu/Shell Petro Rd.370213
Ilara St.370213
Ilayan St.370213
Ilero St.370213
Inisa Kole St.370213
Obadoro St.370213
Oke Alen370213
Oke Anaye370213
Olominu’s Compound370213
Prof. Ajayi’s Compound370213
Rapid Pry/Secondary Sch.370213
Shell Petro Station370213
St. Paul Church St.370213
St. Paul Pry. School St.370213
St. Pal Pry. School370213
St. Theresa370213
Nursery/Pry. Sec. Sch.370213
Zacheous Oyebode Rd.370213

Oke Iru Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Ipebi St.370272
Ara Rd.370272
Oke Alede St.370272
Odo Ila St.370272
Ikole Library370272
Aremo Compound370272
Adebayo Av.370272
Aina Hospital370272

Omodowa Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Abe Compound370221
Abebi Rd.370221
Aber St.370221
Abraham/Abe Av.370221
Alea St.370221
Bolorunduro St.370221
Eluyo St.370221
Ijomun St.370221
Ikole Extension370221
Iyinmi St.370221
Ogbonragaja St.370221
Ogundana Close370221
Old Lodi St.370221
Old Methodist Ch. Av. Ave.370221

Orin Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Aofin Comp.370282
Iwaro St.370282
Ilorin St.370282
Ijunmun St.370282
Ilotin St.370282
Iran St.370282
Uro St.370282
Igbale St.370282
Uleyin St.370282
Isolo St.370282

Otunja Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Aofin Compound370225
Chief Kumapayi Comp.370225
Ifaki Rd.370225
Otunja Market370225

St. Peters Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Aiyetoro St.362222
Apare St.362222
Ibase St.362222
Ibete St.362222
Igando St.362222
Ijawo St.362222
Ijoka St.362222
Ijoko St.362222
Isaja St.362222
Ita Ohoo362222
Obake Rd.362222
Oke Ahun St.362222
Oke Obo St.362222
Okefa St.362222
Orere Ido St.362222
Waterworks Rd. (Eti Oni) Rd.362222

Usin Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Abebi Rd.370223
All other Unnamed370223
Ifaki Rd.370223
St. Mary Girls370223
Secondary Sch. Rd.370223

Other Town LGA codes

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