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Orlu Town Postal Codes, Imo State

Orlu Town ZIP Codes, the Town in the Imo state and consists of 8 Areas with Postal codes 473211 to 473281.

Listing of ZIP Codes in Orlu Town


Amaifeke Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Afor Ogidi Market473251
Amaifeke- Community Bank473251
Amaifeke -Community- Hall473251
Chief Dan Ofogeta St.473251
Ejike St.473251
Governor's Country- Home, Amaifeke473251
Handicraft Centre473251
Holiness Living -Church Rd.473251
Ihioma Rd.473251
Ihitte Owerre473251
Islamic Dev Centre473251
LIMCA Bottling Co.473251
Mountain Of Fire -Church Rd.473251
Nnajiofor Byepass473251
Nnajiofor St.473251
Ogberuru Ihitte473251
Uliem St.473251
Umuola St.473251

Amaoji Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Akokwa Rd.473281
Amaigbo Rd.473281
Amaoji Umuna473281
Assemblis of God -Ch,.473281
B.S.C Rd.473281
Central Sch. II473281
Mgbe St.473281
Mission Ln.473281
Ndi Owerre Village473281
St. Joseph’s Cath. Ch.473281
Timber Shed473281

General Hospital Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Amaigbo Rd.473213
Federal Road -Safety.Nig.473213

Local Government Headquarters Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Amaigbo Rd.473211
Awo Idemili Rd.473211
Ezearo St.473211
L.N. Obiora Rd.473211
Local Govt. Hqtrs.473211
Nig. Red Cross473211
Omerri Rd.473211
Police Quarters473211
Police Station473211
Post Office473211
Tijani St.473211
Umuna Rd.473211

Low Cost Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Cocacola Depot473241
Dimukwu St.473241
Ehido St.473241
Ejionye St.473241
Emejuru Ln.473241
Ihioma Rd.473241
Low Cost Housing Est.473241
Low Cost Rd.473241
Okoro Emeje St.473241
Old Owerri Rd.473241
Oleme St.473241
Owerri Rd.473241
Premier Primary School-473241
Seaman Water Co.473241
Tijani St.473241
Township Central School473241
Umulolo St.473241

Umuna Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Amaigbo Rd.473212
Ben Ohaeri St.473212
Bob Ihedioha St.473212
Central School 1473212
Dallas Bread Way473212
Ebenato St.473212
Emma Oparagwu St.473212
Ezearo St.473212
Ichanga St.473212
L.N. Obiora Rd.473212
Nwangaji St.473212
Orlu Main Mkt.473212
Osigwe Ln.473212
Umudim Nwaji Ln.473212
Umuezeala Rd.473212
Umuna Rd.473212
Umusasa Rd.473212

Umuokwara Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Amaigbo Rd.473271
Amaoji Rd.473271
Bank Rd.473271
Enugu Rd.473271
Ideato Park473271
Ilobi St.473271
Mgbe St.473271
Old Ewuzie St.473271
Orji St. Umuokwara473271
Orlu Cheshire Home473271
Orlu Hotels473271
Owus Ave.473271
S. Okorie St.473271
Timber Shed473271
Total Filling Station473271
Ubozor St.473271

Umusasa Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Adioha St.473221
Bob Ihedioha St.473221
Ebenator Rd.473221
Igboanusi St.473221
International Mkt.473221
Owerri Rd.473221
Umudim/Umusasa Rd.473221
Umusasa Rd.473221
Umuzeala Rd.473221

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📮 The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982002.

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