Iju Water Works Area Postal Code: Lagos Town

Iju Water Works Area Postal Codes, the Area location in the Lagos Town, Lagos State South West Geopolitical Zone Consist of 81 streets.

Iju Water Works ZIP Code
StreetZIP Code
Abdullahi Street100216
Adegbite Street100216
Adejila Street100216
Adeko Street100216
Aderogba Street100216
Adesina Street100216
Adetunji Adebayo Street100216
Akinla Rd.100216
Akinlade Savage Street100216
Akinsanya Street100216
Alafia Oje Street100216
Alamuju Street100216
Ale Street100216
Alhaji Ganiyu Street100216
Alhaji Makinde Street100216
Alhaji Ronke Street100216
Aliyu Street100216
Alkat Street100216
Alori Street100216
Anjorin Street100216
Aranse Oluwa Street100216
Awonusi Street100216
Ayedogbo Street100216
Babatunde Hassan Street100216
Balogun Rd100216
Baoku Street100216
Bello Street100216
Biladu Street100216
Church Lane100216
Church Street100216
Daddy Savage Street100216
Egbatedo Close100216
Enitan Street100216
Fabiyi Street100216
Fagba Street100216
Faleke Street100216
Fashina Street100216
Fatai Street100216
Fred Williams Street100216
Idris Fagbayi Street100216
Iju Rd100216
Iju Road Street100216
Jagunmolu Street100216
James Street100216
Jide Ayemi Street100216
Jimoh Balogun Street100216
Jobere Street100216
Josephine Demurin Street100216
Kayode Street100216
Ladijebi Crescent100216
Ladipo Avenue Street100216
Mustapha Street100216
Mustapha Street100216
Odubanke Street100216
Odunnaiya Avenue Street100216
Ogundimu Street100216
Oke Are Street100216
Okeare Street100216
Old Akute Road Street100216
Olusegun Street100216
Olusoji Street100216
Omoolule Street100216
Opa Aro Street100216
Opakunle Street100216
Oredola Street100216
Oremeji Street100216
Osho Agoro Street100216
Oshukeye Street100216
Oshuntokun Street100216
Owonikoko Street100216
Oyekan Street100216
Ronke Street100216
Saloeliti Street100216
Segun Street100216
Showenmimo Street100216
Solake Street100216
Solanke Street100216
Stephen & Stephen Street100216
Taiwo Street100216
Thomson Street100216
Williams Street100216

Other Area Codes

The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982112.

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