100242 Postal Code: Lagos

CityLagos Metropolitan
Geopolitical ZoneSouth West

100242 Postal code street, Lagos.

100242Abass StreetOguduLagos
100242Abibatu Ajose StreetOguduLagos
100242Abosede Cl.OguduLagos
100242Abudu StreetOguduLagos
100242Ade Ajayi StreetOguduLagos
100242Adebayo StreetOguduLagos
100242Adebodun Williams StreetOguduLagos
100242Adeosomoye StreetOguduLagos
100242Adepitan StreetOguduLagos
100242Agboyi StreetOguduLagos
100242Aina StreetOguduLagos
100242Ajala StreetOguduLagos
100242Ajoke Ogun StreetOguduLagos
100242Akinyemi Tawose StreetOguduLagos
100242Alake LaneOguduLagos
100242Alh. Adekunle Bisi StreetOguduLagos
100242Alh. Balogun StreetOguduLagos
100242Alh. Muri Folabi StreetOguduLagos
100242Amoo StreetOguduLagos
100242Amosu StreetOguduLagos
100242Arabomi StreetOguduLagos
100242Aro Ojota RdOguduLagos
100242Aroyewun StreetOguduLagos
100242Association close StreetOguduLagos
100242Bola Sonoke AvOguduLagos
100242Buari StreetOguduLagos
100242Dele Adebayo StreetOguduLagos
100242Emanuel High StreetOguduLagos
100242Eviaro StreetOguduLagos
100242F. CloseOguduLagos
100242G CloseOguduLagos
100242Graig StreetOguduLagos
100242Ikorodu RdOguduLagos
100242Ilesanmi Idowu Cr.OguduLagos
100242Isha Allah StreetOguduLagos
100242Jacob ClOguduLagos
100242Jumiat Olukoya StreetOguduLagos
100242Kola Iyaomilere StreetOguduLagos
100242Kosofe Local Govt Sec.OguduLagos
100242Kujore StreetOguduLagos
100242Laja StreetOguduLagos
100242Ligair StreetOguduLagos
100242Major General Jemibewon StreetOguduLagos
100242Moshalashi Cl.OguduLagos
100242Mosun StreetOguduLagos
100242Muritala Mohammed StreetOguduLagos
100242Niyi Adedeji StreetOguduLagos
100242Ogudu Police Station StreetOguduLagos
100242Ogudu RdOguduLagos
100242Ogudu RdOguduLagos
100242Oguniyi StreetOguduLagos
100242Ogunleti StreetOguduLagos
100242Ojota Motor Park StreetOguduLagos
100242Okunola Cr.OguduLagos
100242Olaisi StreetOguduLagos
100242Olakunle Ajibola StreetOguduLagos
100242Olatunji StreetOguduLagos
100242Oluwole Ariyo StreetOguduLagos
100242Omo Ighodalo RdOguduLagos
100242Omotayo Baniwo StreetOguduLagos
100242Oresanya StreetOguduLagos
100242Real Oil StreetOguduLagos
100242Rev. E.O. Onalaja StreetOguduLagos
100242Roju AvOguduLagos
100242Saludeen CloseOguduLagos
100242Sanni StreetOguduLagos
100242Tade StreetOguduLagos
100242Thisrd Mainland Bridge Exp. StreetOguduLagos
100242Tunji Taiwo StreetOguduLagos
100242Unity Road StreetOguduLagos
100242Victoria StreetOguduLagos

The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982112.

NIPOST or Nigerian Postal Service is a company owned and operated by the government of this country. The country has a total of more than 5000 post offices spread throughout the region. Find the correct ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code or Postal Code for the postal address you need.