List of 78 Albany County ZIP Codes: New York

Albany County ZIP Codes is 12007 to 12469. This county is located in New York State, United States of America (USA), North America.

NameAlbany County
ZIP Code12007 - 12469
Area Code212, 518
StateNew York (NY)
CountryUnited States (US)
RegionNorth America

For more details on the list of 78 Postal codes or ZIP codes in Albany County, find the code along with the City and code.

ZIP Code for Albany County, New York

CityZIP CodeCountyState
Alcove12007AlbanyNew York
Altamont12009AlbanyNew York
Berne12023AlbanyNew York
Clarksville12041AlbanyNew York
Coeymans12045AlbanyNew York
Coeymans Hollow12046AlbanyNew York
Cohoes12047AlbanyNew York
Delmar12054AlbanyNew York
Dormansville12055AlbanyNew York
East Berne12059AlbanyNew York
Feura Bush12067AlbanyNew York
Glenmont12077AlbanyNew York
Guilderland12084AlbanyNew York
Guilderland Center12085AlbanyNew York
Knox12107AlbanyNew York
Latham12110AlbanyNew York
Medusa12120AlbanyNew York
Newtonville12128AlbanyNew York
Preston Hollow12469AlbanyNew York
Ravena12143AlbanyNew York
Rensselaerville12147AlbanyNew York
Selkirk12158AlbanyNew York
Slingerlands12159AlbanyNew York
South Bethlehem12161AlbanyNew York
Troy12183AlbanyNew York
Voorheesville12186AlbanyNew York
Watervliet12189AlbanyNew York
Westerlo12193AlbanyNew York
Albany12201AlbanyNew York
Albany12202AlbanyNew York
Albany12203AlbanyNew York
Albany12204AlbanyNew York
Albany12205AlbanyNew York
Albany12206AlbanyNew York
Albany12207AlbanyNew York
Albany12208AlbanyNew York
Albany12209AlbanyNew York
Albany12210AlbanyNew York
Albany12211AlbanyNew York
Albany12212AlbanyNew York
Albany12214AlbanyNew York
Albany12220AlbanyNew York
Albany12222AlbanyNew York
Albany12223AlbanyNew York
Albany12224AlbanyNew York
Albany12225AlbanyNew York
Albany12226AlbanyNew York
Albany12227AlbanyNew York
Albany12228AlbanyNew York
Albany12229AlbanyNew York
Albany12230AlbanyNew York
Albany12231AlbanyNew York
Albany12232AlbanyNew York
Albany12233AlbanyNew York
Albany12234AlbanyNew York
Albany12235AlbanyNew York
Albany12236AlbanyNew York
Albany12237AlbanyNew York
Albany12238AlbanyNew York
Albany12239AlbanyNew York
Albany12240AlbanyNew York
Albany12241AlbanyNew York
Albany12242AlbanyNew York
Albany12243AlbanyNew York
Albany12244AlbanyNew York
Albany12245AlbanyNew York
Albany12246AlbanyNew York
Albany12247AlbanyNew York
Albany12248AlbanyNew York
Albany12249AlbanyNew York
Albany12250AlbanyNew York
Albany12252AlbanyNew York
Albany12255AlbanyNew York
Albany12256AlbanyNew York
Albany12257AlbanyNew York
Albany12260AlbanyNew York
Albany12261AlbanyNew York
Albany12288AlbanyNew York

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