List of 44 Rochester ZIP Codes: New York

Rochester ZIP Codes is 14602 to 14694. This city is located in Monroe County, New York State, United States of America (USA), North America.

ZIP Code14602 - 14694
Area Code315, 585
StateNew York (NY)
CountryUnited States (US)
RegionNorth America

For more details on the list of 44 Postal codes or ZIP codes in Rochester, find the code along with the City and code.

ZIP Code for Rochester, New York

CityZIP CodeCountyState
Rochester14602MonroeNew York
Rochester14603MonroeNew York
Rochester14604MonroeNew York
Rochester14605MonroeNew York
Rochester14606MonroeNew York
Rochester14607MonroeNew York
Rochester14608MonroeNew York
Rochester14609MonroeNew York
Rochester14610MonroeNew York
Rochester14611MonroeNew York
Rochester14612MonroeNew York
Rochester14613MonroeNew York
Rochester14614MonroeNew York
Rochester14615MonroeNew York
Rochester14616MonroeNew York
Rochester14617MonroeNew York
Rochester14618MonroeNew York
Rochester14619MonroeNew York
Rochester14620MonroeNew York
Rochester14621MonroeNew York
Rochester14622MonroeNew York
Rochester14623MonroeNew York
Rochester14624MonroeNew York
Rochester14625MonroeNew York
Rochester14626MonroeNew York
Rochester14627MonroeNew York
Rochester14638MonroeNew York
Rochester14639MonroeNew York
Rochester14642MonroeNew York
Rochester14643MonroeNew York
Rochester14644MonroeNew York
Rochester14645MonroeNew York
Rochester14646MonroeNew York
Rochester14647MonroeNew York
Rochester14649MonroeNew York
Rochester14650MonroeNew York
Rochester14651MonroeNew York
Rochester14652MonroeNew York
Rochester14653MonroeNew York
Rochester14664MonroeNew York
Rochester14673MonroeNew York
Rochester14683MonroeNew York
Rochester14692MonroeNew York
Rochester14694MonroeNew York

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