205 Area Code, Alabama

205 Area code is the telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) serving Alabama, United States. It was one of the original area codes created in 1947.

Area Code205
Major CityBirmingham
Service Date01/01/1947
Time ZoneCentral
Overlay Complex205/659
LocationAlabama (AL)
CountryUnited States

Area code 205 serves a number of cities and communities in central Alabama, including Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Bessemer, Jasper, Gadsden, Pell City and others. Area codes are used for landline and mobile phone numbers.

The service date for which area code 205 was assigned began on January 1, 1947. The code has one overlay (659) which was added in 2019 as demand increased.

Places covered by phone area code 205

Area CodeCity/TownCounty
205AbernantTuscaloosa County
205AdamsvilleJefferson County
205AdgerJefferson County
205AkronHale County
205AlabasterShelby County
205AlicevillePickens County
205AllgoodBlount County
205AltonJefferson County
205AshvilleSt Clair County
205BankstonFayette County
205Bear CreekMarion County
205BeavertonLamar County
205BelkFayette County
205BellamySumter County
205BerryFayette County
205BessemerJefferson County
205BirminghamJefferson County
205BoligeeGreene County
205BrentBibb County
205BrierfieldBibb County
205BrilliantMarion County
205BrooksideJefferson County
205BrookwoodTuscaloosa County
205BuhlTuscaloosa County
205BurnwellWalker County
205ButlerChoctaw County
205CaleraShelby County
205Carbon HillWalker County
205CardiffJefferson County
205CarrolltonPickens County
205CentrevilleBibb County
205ChelseaShelby County
205ClantonChilton County
205ClayJefferson County
205ClevelandBlount County
205ClintonGreene County
205CoalingTuscaloosa County
205CokerTuscaloosa County
205ColumbianaShelby County
205Cook SpringsSt. Clair County
205CordovaWalker County
205CottondaleTuscaloosa County
205CropwellSt Clair County
205CubaSumter County
205DetroitLamar County
205DocenaJefferson County
205DolomiteJefferson County
205DoraJefferson County
205Double SpringsWinston County
205DuncanvilleTuscaloosa County
205EcholaTuscaloosa County
205EldridgeFayette County
205ElrodTuscaloosa County
205EmelleSumter County
205EmpireWalker County
205EpesSumter County
205EthelsvillePickens County
205EutawGreene County
205FairfieldJefferson County
205FayetteFayette County
205FostersTuscaloosa County
205FultondaleJefferson County
205GainesvilleSumter County
205GardendaleJefferson County
205Glen AllenFayette County
205GoodspringsWalker County
205GordoPickens County
205GraysvilleJefferson County
205Green PondBibb County
205GuinMarion County
205HackleburgMarion County
205HaleyvilleWinston County
205HamiltonMarion County
205HarpersvilleShelby County
205HelenaShelby County
205HodgesFranklin County
205JachinChoctaw County
205JasperWalker County
205JemisonChilton County
205KansasWalker County
205KellermanTuscaloosa County
205KennedyLamar County
205KimberlyJefferson County
205KnoxvilleGreene County
205LeedsJefferson County
205LismanChoctaw County
205Locust ForkBlount County
205LynnWinston County
205MargaretSt Clair County
205MayleneShelby County
205Mc CallaTuscaloosa County
205Mc ShanPickens County
205MillportLamar County
205MontevalloShelby County
205MoodySt Clair County
205MorrisJefferson County
205MoundvilleHale County
205Mount OliveJefferson County
205MulgaJefferson County
205NauvooWalker County
205New CastleJefferson County
205NorthportTuscaloosa County
205OakmanWalker County
205OdenvilleSt Clair County
205OneontaBlount County
205PalmerdaleJefferson County
205PanolaSumter County
205ParrishWalker County
205PelhamShelby County
205Pell CitySt Clair County
205PenningtonChoctaw County
205PetersonTuscaloosa County
205PinsonJefferson County
205Pleasant GroveJefferson County
205QuintonWalker County
205RaglandSt Clair County
205RalphTuscaloosa County
205ReformPickens County
205RemlapBlount County
205RiversideSt Clair County
205SaginawShelby County
205SamanthaTuscaloosa County
205SayreJefferson County
205ShannonJefferson County
205ShelbyShelby County
205SiluriaShelby County
205SipseyWalker County
205SpringvilleSt Clair County
205SterrettShelby County
205SulligentLamar County
205SumitonWalker County
205ThorsbyChilton County
205TownleyWalker County
205TraffordBlount County
205TrussvilleJefferson County
205TuscaloosaTuscaloosa County
205VanceTuscaloosa County
205VandiverShelby County
205VerbenaChilton County
205VernonLamar County
205VincentShelby County
205Walnut GroveEtowah County
205WardSumter County
205WarriorJefferson County
205WatsonJefferson County
205West BloctonBibb County
205West GreeneGreene County
205WestoverShelby County
205WilsonvilleShelby County
205WiltonChilton County
205WinfieldMarion County
205WoodstockBibb County
205YorkSumter County
205NeedhamChoctaw County
205AltoonaEtowah County
205ArleyWinston County
205BirminghamJefferson County
205BlountsvilleBlount County
205HaydenBlount County
205HollywoodJackson County
205HortonMarshall County
205HoustonWinston County
205LincolnTalladega County
205Phil CampbellFranklin County
205Spruce PineFranklin County
205SteeleSt Clair County
205BirminghamJefferson County
205LivingstonSumter County
205MontgomeryMontgomery County
205GilbertownChoctaw County
205ToxeyChoctaw County
205AthensLimestone County
205BirminghamJefferson County
205BoazEtowah County
205GallantEtowah County
205OxfordCalhoun County
205Red BayFranklin County
205ScottsboroJackson County
205SylacaugaTalladega County
205TalladegaTalladega County
205VinaFranklin County
205BillingsleyAutauga County
205MaplesvilleChilton County
205MarburyAutauga County
205RandolphBibb County
205SawyervilleHale County
205DelmarWinston County
205Natural BridgeWinston County
205WattsvilleSt Clair County

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