208 Area Code, Idaho

Area code 208 is the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) telephone area code for the state of Idaho, the northwestern region of the United States. The area code is one of the original area codes created in 1947.

Area Code208
Major CityBoise City
Service Date01/01/1947
Time ZoneEastern
Overlay Complex208/986
LocationIdaho (ID)
CountryUnited States

Area code 208 covers the entire state of Idaho and serves communities such as Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Idaho Falls, and Pocatello. The code has one overlay (986) which was added in 2017 as demand increased.

Places covered by phone area code 208

Area codeCity/TownCounty
208AberdeenBingham County
208AhsahkaClearwater County
208AlbionCassia County
208AlmoCassia County
208American FallsPower County
208ArbonPower County
208ArcoButte County
208ArimoBannock County
208AshtonFremont County
208AtholKootenai County
208AtlantaElmore County
208Atomic CityBingham County
208AveryShoshone County
208BancroftCaribou County
208BanksBoise County
208BasaltBingham County
208BayviewKootenai County
208BellevueBlaine County
208BernBear Lake County
208BlackfootBingham County
208BlanchardBonner County
208BlissGooding County
208BloomingtonBear Lake County
208BoiseAda County
208Bonners FerryBoundary County
208BovillLatah County
208BruneauOwyhee County
208BuhlTwin Falls County
208BurleyCassia County
208CalderShoshone County
208CaldwellCanyon County
208CambridgeWashington County
208CareyBlaine County
208CareywoodBonner County
208CarmenLemhi County
208CascadeValley County
208CastlefordTwin Falls County
208CataldoKootenai County
208ChallisCuster County
208ChesterFremont County
208Clark ForkBonner County
208ClarkiaShoshone County
208ClaytonCuster County
208CliftonFranklin County
208CobaltLemhi County
208CocolallaBonner County
208Coeur D AleneKootenai County
208ColburnBonner County
208CondaCaribou County
208CoolinBonner County
208CorralCamas County
208CottonwoodIdaho County
208CouncilAdams County
208CraigmontLewis County
208CuldesacNez Perce County
208DaytonFranklin County
208DearyLatah County
208DecloCassia County
208DesmetBenewah County
208DietrichLincoln County
208DingleBear Lake County
208DonnellyValley County
208DoverBonner County
208DowneyBannock County
208DriggsTeton County
208DuboisClark County
208EagleAda County
208EastportBoundary County
208EdenJerome County
208Elk CityIdaho County
208Elk RiverClearwater County
208EllisLemhi County
208EmmettGem County
208FairfieldCamas County
208FeltTeton County
208FennIdaho County
208FerdinandIdaho County
208FernwoodBenewah County
208FilerTwin Falls County
208FirthBingham County
208Fish HavenBear Lake County
208Fort HallBannock County
208FranklinFranklin County
208FruitlandPayette County
208Garden CityAda County
208Garden ValleyBoise County
208GeneseeLatah County
208GenevaBear Lake County
208GeorgetownBear Lake County
208GibbonsvilleLemhi County
208Glenns FerryElmore County
208GoodingGooding County
208GraceCaribou County
208Grand ViewOwyhee County
208GrangevilleIdaho County
208GreencreekIdaho County
208GreenleafCanyon County
208HagermanGooding County
208HaileyBlaine County
208HamerJefferson County
208HammettElmore County
208HansenTwin Falls County
208HarrisonKootenai County
208HarvardLatah County
208HaydenKootenai County
208HazeltonJerome County
208HeyburnMinidoka County
208Hill CityCamas County
208HolbrookOneida County
208HomedaleOwyhee County
208HopeBonner County
208Horseshoe BendBoise County
208HoweButte County
208HustonCanyon County
208Idaho CityBoise County
208Idaho FallsBonneville County
208Indian ValleyAdams County
208InkomBannock County
208IonaBonneville County
208IrwinBonneville County
208Island ParkFremont County
208JeromeJerome County
208JuliaettaLatah County
208KamiahLewis County
208KelloggShoshone County
208KendrickLatah County
208KetchumBlaine County
208KimberlyTwin Falls County
208King HillElmore County
208KingstonShoshone County
208KooskiaIdaho County
208KootenaiBonner County
208KunaAda County
208LacledeBonner County
208Lake ForkValley County
208LapwaiNez Perce County
208Lava Hot SpringsBannock County
208LeadoreLemhi County
208LemhiLemhi County
208LenoreNez Perce County
208LethaGem County
208LewistonNez Perce County
208LewisvilleJefferson County
208LowmanBoise County
208LucileIdaho County
208MackayCuster County
208Macks InnFremont County
208Malad CityOneida County
208MaltaCassia County
208MarsingOwyhee County
208MayLemhi County
208MccallValley County
208MccammonBannock County
208MedimontKootenai County
208MelbaCanyon County
208MenanJefferson County
208MeridianAda County
208MesaAdams County
208MiddletonCanyon County
208MidvaleWashington County
208MinidokaMinidoka County
208MonteviewJefferson County
208MontpelierBear Lake County
208MooreButte County
208MorelandBingham County
208MoscowLatah County
208MoscowLatah County
208Mountain HomeElmore County
208Moyie SpringsBoundary County
208MullanShoshone County
208MurphyOwyhee County
208MurrayShoshone County
208MurtaughTwin Falls County
208NampaCanyon County
208NaplesBoundary County
208New MeadowsAdams County
208New PlymouthPayette County
208NewdaleMadison County
208NezperceLewis County
208NordmanBonner County
208North ForkLemhi County
208NotusCanyon County
208OakleyCassia County
208OlaGem County
208OldtownBonner County
208OrofinoClearwater County
208OsburnShoshone County
208ParisBear Lake County
208ParkerFremont County
208ParmaCanyon County
208PaulMinidoka County
208PayettePayette County
208PeckNez Perce County
208PicaboBlaine County
208PierceClearwater County
208PinehurstShoshone County
208PingreeBingham County
208PlacervilleBoise County
208PlummerBenewah County
208PocatelloBannock County
208PollockIdaho County
208PonderayBonner County
208PorthillBoundary County
208Post FallsKootenai County
208PotlatchLatah County
208PrestonFranklin County
208Priest RiverBonner County
208PrincetonLatah County
208RathdrumKootenai County
208ReubensLewis County
208RexburgMadison County
208RichfieldLincoln County
208RigbyJefferson County
208RigginsIdaho County
208RirieBonneville County
208RobertsJefferson County
208RocklandPower County
208RogersonTwin Falls County
208RupertMinidoka County
208SagleBonner County
208Saint AnthonyFremont County
208Saint CharlesBear Lake County
208Saint MariesBenewah County
208SalmonLemhi County
208SandpointBonner County
208SantaBenewah County
208ShelleyBingham County
208ShoshoneLincoln County
208ShoupLemhi County
208SilvertonShoshone County
208SmeltervilleShoshone County
208Soda SpringsCaribou County
208SpencerClark County
208Spirit LakeKootenai County
208SpringfieldBingham County
208StanleyCuster County
208StarAda County
208StitesIdaho County
208Sugar CityMadison County
208Sun ValleyBlaine County
208Swan ValleyBonneville County
208SwanlakeBannock County
208SweetGem County
208TendoyLemhi County
208TensedBenewah County
208TerretonJefferson County
208TetonFremont County
208TetoniaTeton County
208ThatcherFranklin County
208TroyLatah County
208Twin FallsTwin Falls County
208UconBonneville County
208VictorTeton County
208ViolaLatah County
208WallaceShoshone County
208WarrenIdaho County
208WayanCaribou County
208WeippeClearwater County
208WeiserWashington County
208WendellGooding County
208WestonFranklin County
208White BirdIdaho County
208WilderCanyon County
208WinchesterLewis County
208WorleyKootenai County
208Yellow PineValley County

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