868 Area Code, Trinidad and Tobago

868 area code is a telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. The area code was created in 1997.

Area Code868
LocationTrinidad and Tobago
Service Date06/01/1997
Time ZoneAtlantic
Overlay Complex-
CountryRepublic of Trinidad and Tobago

Places covered by phone area code 868

Area codeCity/TownCountry
868ArimaTrinidad & Tobago
868AroucaTrinidad & Tobago
868BaratariaTrinidad & Tobago
868ChaguanasTrinidad & Tobago
868FreeportTrinidad & Tobago
868GasparilloTrinidad & Tobago
868La HorquettaTrinidad & Tobago
868La RomainTrinidad & Tobago
868LaventilleTrinidad & Tobago
868Maloney GardensTrinidad & Tobago
868MorvantTrinidad & Tobago
868PenalTrinidad & Tobago
868Petit ValleyTrinidad & Tobago
868Point FortinTrinidad & Tobago
868Port of SpainTrinidad & Tobago
868Princes TownTrinidad & Tobago
868San FernandoTrinidad & Tobago
868San JuanTrinidad & Tobago
868Sangre GrandeTrinidad & Tobago
868TunapunaTrinidad & Tobago

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